Garage & Tyre Shop Equipment Specialists

CEMB offers innovative, patented solutions and the widest range of products in the world. High performance, superior accuracy, operational simplicity, reliability are the features which distinguish the CEMB line of professional balancing machines.

Wheel balancers for motorcycles, cars, trucks and buses complete with high precision centering adaptors of the wheels. The most diverse and complete range available on the market since 1952!

Wheel alignment for cars and trucks, based on latest technology, original and patented innovations.
Electropneumatic and automatic tyre changers.
Integrated and modular systems for computerised diagnostics of motor vehicle brake and suspension units.
Extremely high-tech industrial systems for mounting, inflating, matching, bead seating-optimizing, balancing, uniformity and eccentricity.
All these stations are integrated in a single automated line and are in use by major worldwide tyre manufacturers.

CEMB‘s core business incorporates all industrial applications inherent to vibration analysis: the Industrial Division of CEMB develops, manufactures and exports worldwide a range of vertical axis and horizontal axis balancing machines, produces fully automated high-tech machines specifically dedicated to assembly-lines of automotive manufacturers; this latter field is in continuous growth thanks to the contribution of our Hofmann sister company located in Germany.

The Garage Equipment Division handles wheel balancing machines, tyre changers and alignment machines for cars, trucks and motorcycles.

The Vibration Division manufactures vibration sensors, stationary and portable equipment for vibration measurement and analysis, balancing in service conditions, 24h monitoring and control of vibration to protect large machinery in the energy and industrial plant fields such as gas turbines, compressor pumps and motors.

Since 1946 the headquarters have always been located in Italy, at Mandello del Lario, on the eastern shore of Lake Como. Over the years the production facilities and R&D departments have extended and modernized, in connection with the company growth and substantial investments to preserve both heart and style in Italy. 


C206 Wheel Balancer

Digital hand-spin balancer, power supply 12V / 24V / ...

C210 Wheel Balancer

Digital balancer for cars and trucksC210 is the ...

DWA 2500 3D Alignment System

The DWA2500 is the new 3D wheel alignment system for cars ...

inc. VAT € 9,833.85
€ 7,995.00
Price / kg:

ER10 Wheel Balancer

The compact 3D balancer with digital touch displayER10 ...

SM630 Tyre Changer

Automatic tyre changer complete with HP2 side presser with ...

inc. VAT € 3,382.50
€ 2,750.00
Price / kg:

ER15 Wheel Balancer

Space-saving 3D balancer with video touchscreen The ...

SM645 Tyre Changer

Automatic tyre changer complete with HP2 side assist helper ...

inc. VAT € 3,813.00
€ 3,100.00
Price / kg:

DWA 3500 3D Alignment System

The new 3D-HD technology wheel alignment system with ...

inc. VAT € 12,293.85
€ 9,995.00
Price / kg:

SM635 Tyre Changer

Automatic tyre changer ideal for use in professional repair ...

inc. VAT € 4,305.00
€ 3,500.00
Price / kg:

DWA 3400 HD 3D Alignment System

DWA34003D-HD Technology wheel alignment system for cars and ...

inc. VAT € 13,523.85
€ 10,995.00
Price / kg:

K9 Wheel Balancer

Compact, heavy-duty motorised wheel balancer suitable for ...

inc. VAT € 2,152.50
€ 1,750.00
Price / kg:

SM624 Tyre Changer

Semi-automatic tyre changer with swing arm and 12V power ...

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