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SMX70 LL Tyre Changer

Professional LEVERLESS automatic tyre changer ideal for use in repair shops and tyre repair shops. Designed to operate on car and light commercial vehicle wheels up to 26”. Simultaneous vertical and horizontal arm locking system, vertical arm with spring return. Bead breaker equipped with twin adjustable blade and arm system which enables to operate on wheels up to 17” width. Complete with pedal operated inflating device, manometer and CE-certified inflating pressure limiter. Body with removable pedal unit. Double rotation speed by pedal control.Options :Single speed 230V Single speed 400V Double speed 400V Variable speed version with Motoinverter with torque control 230V Pedal operated inflating device & inflation gauge Tubeless inflation integrated in clamping jaws External inflation system Pneumatic positioning of tool arm Helper Arms :HPX-STD : Professional compact side presser recommended to operate on particularly hard and large-sized Run-Flat and UHP Tyres.HPX-FA : Additional bead-pushing device HPX-FA which assists during the mounting and demounting of the upper bead.HPA-ADVANCE : Professional lateral presser ideal to operate on particularly hard and large-sized Run-Flat and UHP Tyres. Robust structure with 2 air cylinders of 80 mm to avoid bendings. Equipped with rim pressing tool, standard bead pressing roller arm, bead pressing roller at 90° with pneumatic locking and possibility of operating under the tyre.
Cemb SMX70 LL Tyre Changer