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SMT30 Truck Tyre Changer
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SMT30 Truck Tyre Changer

SMT30 Tyre Changer

SMT30 Semi-Automatic Truck Tyre Changer

Universal electro-hydraulic truck tyre changer designed for tubeless or inner tube tyres of trucks and buses with a maximum diameter of 1640 mm and a maximum width of 850 mm. Conceived for intensive and professional purposes, the self-centering chuck locks grooved and split ring rims from 14” to 30”.

Available in 230V single phase or 400V 3 phase.


  • Self-centering chuck

    The hydraulic chuck has working capacity from 14” to 30” and itperforms a 1-speed rotation in both directions. The 4 self-centering clamps with adjustable pressure have been studied to allow several clamping solutions in order to assure a perfect locking of any rim’s shapes and profiles.

  • Tool-holder carriage

    Automatic translational movement of the tool-holder carriage controlled by the on-purpose control unit. Manual tool arm movement (translational) with quick unlocking system.

  • Tool-holder arm

    Manual tool-holder arm lifting and tool rotation

  • Safety devices

    The hydraulic distribution is equipped with a valve, which regulates the operating pressure of the chuck, allowing to safely operate on all types of aluminum and alloy rims, particularly thin or fragile.

  • Control unit

    The machine is equipped with a low voltage portable control unit, easily movable inside the working area. The rational lay-out of control levers, buttons and pedals prevents the operator from making accidental and dangerous operational errors.


  • Wheel size : 14" - 30"
  • Central hole min. clamping : 122mm / 5"
  • Chuck rotation speed : 7rpm
  • Max wheel weight : 1200kg
  • Max wheel width : 850mm / 34"
  • Max wheel diameter : 1640mm / 65"
  • Bead breaker force : 25000n
  • Power supply : 230V or 400V
  • Nett weight : 605kg



Cemb SMT30 Truck Tyre Changer Brochure

Optional Extras


JAWS PROTECTIONS Set of 4 jaw protectors for alloy rims

protezioni griffe 1

 RING PROTECTIONS for alloy rims mm 175, 201, 220, 281





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