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Motorcycle Jaw Adaptors

Convert your car tyre changer to a motorcycle tyre changer with this set of 4 x motorcycle jaw adaptors.The pads on the jaws extend the capabilities of a standard passenger tyre changer with the ability to mount and remove smaller motorcycle wheels.The jaws are at right angles.A simple and solid construction with a counter screw allows the installation of overlays on jaws with different profiles.The use of jaws allows you to work with smaller wheels, e.g. from: scooters, motorcycles, quads and industrial trolleys.NOTE : If you are using these adapters with a fully automatic machine for example a 10" - 24", the demount head will NOT come in far enough to touch off rims that are smaller than 10" in diameter. If you are using a semi-automatic machine, the demount head WILL touch off the rim on wheels as small as 7".
ProTec Motorcycle Adapters