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Cemb DWA1100 Trolley Wheel Aligner
Cemb DWA1100 Trolley Wheel Aligner
Cemb DWA1100 Trolley Wheel Aligner
Cemb DWA1100 Trolley Wheel Aligner

DWA 1100 Trolley Alignment System

Innovative mobile CCD wheel alignment system for cars and light trucks.

Thanks to the mobile structure with pivoting wheels it can be easily positioned on board the vehicle thus optimizing the spaces inside the workshop. The system is managed via a toughpad, with Windows 10 operating system, which ensures optimal ease of use by eliminating the encumbrance of the PC and allowing the operator to work comfortably even under the vehicle.




The mobile structure with pivoting and rubber wheels of 100 mm diameter allows smooth movement on any type of flooring.
The extremely compact cabinet is easily transportable and allows to work comfortably even under the vehicle.
The supports mounted on the cabinet hold targets and clamps and act as a recharge point for the CCDs and the toughpad.


The software is managed by toughpad with a 10″ touch screen and an extremely robust, waterproof and dust-proof structure with a rubberized cover breaking proof.
The toughpad supports the Windows 10 operating system and Wi-Fi connection, thus ensuring optimal ease of use even during operation under the vehicle.


Features very clear and userfriendly graphics. The software system, entirely developed by CEMB, guides the user through all the alignment operations. The software allows the adjustment two axles in one screen and provides a clear help for adjustment. Complete with AUDIT function for the identification of driving problems, resulting from measures not contemplated in the specifications to support the regulation service.

CCD Sensors

CCD (Charged Couple Device) sensor technology, featuring state-of-the-art electronic components enables a quick and accurate measurement of all alignment parameters by simply following a procedure field tested through many years of experience.
Sensors mount lithium batteries, featuring a long durability when batteries are charged. The batteries are immune to the “memory effect” and can be rechared at any time.
Together with the CCD cameras, the MEMS accelerometer (derived from the aeronautical field), provides the acquisition of the alignment parameters of wheels. It measures the sensor inclinations accordng to the two main axles (caster and camber).


The new vehicle model ranking system allows a rapid and clear selection of the different vehicles.
The CEMB database contains more then 55.000 vehicles and is constantly updated.

Adas CCD Kit (optional)

Easy portability, compactness and ease of use makes it ideal in combination with the optional ADAS KIT.
The optional Adas CCD Kit, allows positioning the CCD sensors on any ADAS/ACC calibration structure by means of universal adapters and, through a very quick and simple software included in the alignment program, enables to facilitate the positioning.


  • Toughpad 10” with WINDOWS 10 operating system
  • 4 car sensors
  • 4 clamps + safety elastic band + 2 set of grips
  • Steering lock + Brake pedal lock
  • WiFi connection for automatic software updates
  • Complete car database with possible customization
  • Simple and user-friendly software




download brochureCemb DWA1100 Trolly Wheel Aligner Brochure


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