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CEMB ER10 Wheel Balancer
CEMB ER10 Wheel Balancer
CEMB ER10 Wheel Balancer Display
Focus F380 Wheel Balancer Virtual Sonar

ER10 Wheel Balancer

The compact 3D balancer with digital touch display

ER10 is an entry level wheel balancer with unbeatable features and quality, granted by the deep study of every single element.
Mechanics developed with the help of computer simulations, electronics with touch-sensitive screen, never used before on machines belonging to such a market range, AutoAdaptive mode and innovative software Virtual Sonar which, in the absence of an actual sonar device, detects the rim width.

Detection of wheel data
The automatic gauge enables detection of distance and diameter (from 12″ to 28″) with relative activation of desired balancing program (clip-on or stick-on weights). No error due to manual inputs possible.

Programs: ALU S - SPLIT - OPTIMIZATIONER10 features all the latest programs for unbalance correction. Unlimited correction modes for stick-on weights (ALU S), hidden weights behind the spokes (SPLIT) and matching (unbalance OPTIMIZATION).

Virtual Sonar to detect rim width
AutoAdaptive Mode
Touch panel

Add light truck cone kit
Light Truck Cone Kit
Add Centreless Wheel Adaptor
Centreless Wheel Adaptor


  • Universal space saving wheel balancer with excellent technical specifications combining a sturdy structure with attractive and modern design
  • ER10 balances steel & light alloy wheels of cars, light trucks, motorcycles & scooters (with optional adaptors)
  • Automatic Distance & Diameter Entry (2D)
  • Virtaul Sonar to automatically calculate rim width (3D)
  • Standard Quick Nut Mounting
  • Self-Diagnosis and Self-Calibration Menus for quick selection of the following: inches to millimeters unbalanced thresholds 0.1 or 0.25 ounces (1 or 5g)
  • Direct selection ounces/grams
  • Optimization program for compensation of rim and tyre unbalance
  • "Static" program--plus 4 ALU programs for PAX, light alloy or special shaped rims
  • One Button Split & Hidden Weight Program
  • Direct weight location program (no repositioning of stick-on weights)

Manual Locking   Automatic Gauge    AutoAdaptive  VirtualSonar


  • Single phase power supply 230 V 50 Hz
  • Max. absorbed power 0,8 kW
  • Balancing speed 100 rpm
  • Measuring cycle for 15 kg (33 lb) wheel 4.7 s
  • Measurement accuracy 0.5 g
  • Average noise < 70 dB
  • Rim width setting range 1.5" - 20" or 40 - 510 mm
  • Rim diameter setting range 10" - 30" or 265 - 765 mm
  • Max. wheel weight < 75 kg
  • Machine weight 120 kg



Cemb ER10 Wheel Balancer Brochure


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