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ER80 Wheel Balancer

Formula 1 chooses the wheel balancing machine with touch panel!A high-performance digital wheel balancer developed to ease and quicken every phase of balancing operation. The ER80SE was selected by the F1 world championship for balancing all of their wheels. Since 2012 thirty ER80SE’s work endlessly on their worldwide tracks, guaranteeing security and performance to all the teams.Detection of wheel data The automatic gauge for distance and diameter input (up to 28″ rims) and the LA Sonar device for wheel width measurement allow an immediate detection of all necessary wheel parameters.Adhesive counter-weights positioning by means of SPOTTER Laser Wheel locked in position for weight applications, LED light to illuminate working area in the internal part of rim and SPOTTER Laser for accurate positioning of the counter-weights guarantee a perfect balancing operation in one single spin.OPB: One plane balancing AutoAdaptive Mode Automatic Approach Pneumatic locking of wheel (ER80SE)
Cemb ER80 Wheel Balancer