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CEMB ER90 EVO Wheel Balancer
CEMB ER90 EVO Wheel Balancer
CEMB ER90 EVO Wheel Balancer
CEMB ER90 EVO Wheel Balancer Dimensions

ER90 EVO Wheel Balancer

The new immediate no contact balancing machine without need of check-spin

The new ER90 EVO automatically detects wheel data simply pressing one single touchbutton and after a few seconds gives a clear and accurate indication of exact position to place counterweights (clip-on and/or stick-on weights)

3D Laser Scan
– Touchless wheel distance and diameter measuring system which, combined with the external LA sonar for width measurement, detects with 3D precision the dimensions of any profile, even the most complex; no intervention of the operator.
– Advanced technology that speeds up the dimensions reading process without penalizing reliability and precision.
– Brighter laser pointer that grants an extreme accuracy during correction thanks to a clear indication of the application point for stick-on weights.
– Greatest robustness for a long lasting usage. No moving parts are exposed, risks of damages are reduced
– Easy maintenance

Side Laser
Two laser beams indicate the exact 12 o’clock position to place clip-on weights. With these accurate reference points, any possibility of erratically placing counterweights is eliminated.

EMS Sonar for radial run-out measurement
Vibrations caused by run-out do not depend on the unbalance of wheel. The ER90 EVO, with one single quick spin, detects all causes of vibration. The EMS Sonar, supplied as standard on machine, detects wheel eccentricity with a 0,1 mm accuracy and enables a precise diagnosis within seconds.

OPB: One plane balancing
AutoAdaptive Mode
New automatic positioning system


  • Laser and Sonar totally Automatic Wheel Dimensions (NO TOUCH)
  • Double side laser for clip-on weight positioning
  • Laser spotter point indicator for stick-on weights positioning
  • Heavy duty high definition touch screen
  • LED to light work space
  • WBA 'Wheel Best Access'
  • VDD 'Virtual Direct Drive'
  • EMS Sonar eccentricity
  • Pneumatic locking of the wheel
  • Electric brake system

icon side laser  icon pneumatic locking  icon ems sonar  icon sonar  icon monitor touch  icon electric brake  icon splash guard icon one plane balancing  icon direct matching  3D laser scan  AutoAdaptive  HubMatch  


  • Single phase power supply 230 V 50 Hz
  • Max. absorbed power 0,65 kW
  • Balancing speed 100 rpm
  • Measuring cycle for 15 kg (33 lb) wheel 4.7 s
  • Measurement accuracy 0.5 g
  • Average noise < 70 dB
  • Rim width setting range 1.5" - 20" or 40 - 510 mm
  • Rim diameter setting range 10" - 30" or 265 - 765 mm
  • Max. wheel weight < 75 kg
  • Machine weight 170 kg



Cemb ER90 EVO Wheel Balancer Brochure



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